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NAD Therapy is an informational platform to provide insight into NAD therapy for addiction. An interventionist is available to those who seek more information and available treatment options. Our mission is to connect those seeking help to programs that can provide the appropriate therapies.


Jennifer Sobal


Jennifer has devoted over two decades to helping families in need with outpatient detox, intravenous detox, residential treatment, wilderness therapy, and interventions. As a result of her experience with a variety of treatment programs, Jennifer has a unique ability to assess the needs of an individual and the type of environment that would best support that individual for recovery.

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Image by Ronan Furuta


Jennifer’s personal life is no stranger to hurdles and challenges of recovery. Her interest in helping others began with her own treatment, which further deepened when her family sought out treatment. Her insight as a patient, and her insight as a family member who is trying to support a loved one, allows her to understand the fear of not knowing how to move forward.


Jennifer appreciates how important it is to keep the family together. With that love and concern, the clients are more eager to learn how to be responsible, honest, love, and to be proud of who they are and who they can become. If the family has a common goal of becoming emotionally and physically strong, the whole family can find peace.


The first call is one of the hardest to make.


And asking for help can feel overwhelming.


You may experience a fear of failure, heartbreak, and sadness. You might feel scared to make a hard choice that will influence yourself and your family. 


I am here to help you through the process anytime you need. I always have your safety and confidentiality in mind.

I can help you find the best program for you, whether it is with the NAD or another program. In addition to considering the financial burden and available resources, I consider the emotional healing required and if that program can facilitate that healing.

You may experience a period second-guessing yourself. You may feel anxiety over your decision and start to feel overwhelmed.


At any point that you need to talk, I am here for you.

Image by Alex Azabache
Image by Daniel Christie


I strongly recommend keeping a journal when you start this process.  Write down your feelings and actions that brought you to this point. 

How long has it been since you had a good night's sleep? 

Do you worry constantly about how you’re going to make it through each day?

When will the pain stop and have a healthier and happier life?

Has this started affecting your daily life?

Do you feel depressed and overwhelmed? 


Turning your internal thoughts and emotions into tangible words can help you process the situation and make the best decision for you, your child, and your family. We want you to feel confident in your decision to seek help. The goal is for you to be proud of the decision you made when the roller coaster stops, and life begins again.

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