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what is fentany detox like? blog

Fentanyl Detox

From the Heart

There are so many resources available on what is Fentanyl and how it works- but there are not a lot of resources that come from the heart. I have been in the addiction field for two decades and I am no stranger to the opioid battle. I have sadly seen too many who have overdosed before they were able to get the help they need. Admittedly, and perhaps oddly, I am in love with someone who struggles with this disease of addiction.

Let's just say that having this addiction, the battle my love has faced with opiates was not a walk in the park.  He spent years in a vicious cycle of relapsing, praying to get over the addiction to Heroin and Fentanyl. All while hiding away from everyone in life because of his shame and disappointment at failing. He enlisted the help of different detox centers and hospitals only to never completely get rid of his demon that possessed him. He said the struggle and pain from detoxing was horrific.  And when he did make it through detox, the shame of using overtook his emotions and made it almost impossible to think clearly without crying.  Trying to face life sober seemed like a reality he could fulfill. When he was no longer able to fight the good fight, when he had no more strength left, the cycle would begin again, and the demon would win.

Detox from fentanyl

One night, after being clean for some time, he called me to say that he needed help and he had slipped. Hearing him say, “Just one more time and I’m done,” was devastating.  I watched him give his best to fight through it. Despite all my training and experience, my help was not enough. It was the worst feeling I had ever been through- knowing the addiction had beat him once again, and the chances of him surviving were slim. As we sat there, both crying and scared, I kept thinking, “I’m going to lose him.”


It broke my heart to see so much pain come from a kind and good man. It hurt to realized that no matter how much I loved him, I could not take his pain away- I could not save him. 

We realized this problem was bigger and tougher than both of us together. 

We called Mrs. Paula and Springfield Wellness Center, and she was right there saying “Come on in honey.” It was a relief to know we weren't alone and that we had the support of a whole community at Springfield Wellness.  We were met with kindness, compassion, and knowledgeable care.  Not once was there any criticism or disappointment - just honest love and support. 


NAD and the love from Springfield Wellness Center was what saved his life. When things got out of control, and he needed somewhere safe, he was embraced by Springfield Wellness for detox and help.  The staff there never gave up on him, even when almost everyone else in his life had.

nad iv therapy

NAD is not a cure for addiction, but it made it possible to get through the rough weeks of detox. The brain restoration effects of NAD enabled him to think clearly, and meeting with the therapist allowed him to release the shame and disappointment, as well as deal with trauma. 


He and I continue to work on his recovery on a daily basis, some days are better than others. We have learned that you really do have to work at it and to have the best chance for success the entire family needs therapy and education.


If we can make it, so can you. 

Image by Kenny Eliason
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